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About Hospital Without Walls

We at Hospital Without Walls Home Health Care are committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients, as if they were our own family. We take pride in our company and work together to ensure that all our patient’s needs are met. Our patients’ home health treatment, safety and satisfaction are most important to us.

We believe in the value of the individual patient; each person is important in his or her own right; patients may differ in health needs as related to the various illnesses; and that each patient has the right to high quality heatlh care to meet their individual needs.

Every potential Hospital Without Walls caregiver undergoes an extensive assessment process. Their skills are tested, references checked, and clinical background and competency confirmed. All applicants must pass a comprehensive exam, and ever Hospital Without Walls staff member undergoes a criminal background check and a drug test.

The skills of our clinical personnel are continually assessed and refined to ensure expert care for your specialized needs.

Hospital Without Walls provides a complete array of home-centered health servicdes to help people lead healthier, happier, and more independent lives at home. we offer significant advantages to patients, physicians, discharge planners, and case managers.

Physicians and discharge planners can meet their patients’ home care needs by calling us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!


Hospital Without Walls, an unparalleled leader in the health care industry, strives to serve as a pre-eminent block in an ever changing healthcare environment. This vision is supported through collaborate planning and application of resources, knowledge, experience and services to our patients, staff and community with positive outcomes.


Hospital Without Walls is committed to providing the highest standard of Health care essential to safely improving our patient’s physical and psychosocial condition and to assist our patients and their loved ones in maintaining as normal a lifestyle as possible within their residential setting.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide the highest performance of health care to our patients in their place of residence in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • To provide our patients and all those involved in their care with a safe environment that enables them to experience an optimal quality of life.
  • To provide the staff with the tools necessary to perform their duties in a safe manner through education, leadership and training.
  • To continue to seek new ways and means of being responsive to the ever changing community health needs.
  • To ethically manage all organizational relationship with the patient, other healthcare providers and the public.
  • Patients will be informed of their rights and will be encouraged to report any concerns related to their care and safety.
  • Develop and communicate the organizational structure identifying the leaders and their responsibilities as it reflects the goals of the company.