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Alzheimer’s Program


Hospital without walls is a Full Service Resource for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, providing access to localized support services and your personal Parkinson’s Network.

Our unique program addresses the following difficulties associated with Alzheimer’s disease:


  1. 1. Physical Therapy interventions for functional difficulties
  2. 2. Nursing interventions to provide verbal, visual and physical cues to aid in cognitive and behavioral challenges.
  3. 3. Home Safety Assessments for environmental barriers
  4. 4. Education provided on disease process, community resources and support services to ease caregiver burden.


One or more disciplines will be involved with patient care and the clinicians will schedule visits by way of “Patient Communication Folder” to eliminate confusion for patient and care-givers associated with multiple same-day visits.

If you feel that you or your loved one can benefit from our Alzheimer’s Program, click here, or call us toll free at 877-279-2064 for a free consultation.