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Parkinson’s Therapy Program

Complications arising from Parkinson’s Disease can be difficult for a family to manage alone.  Hospital without walls is a Full Service Resource for patients with Parkinson’s Disease, providing access to localized support services and your personal Parkinson’s Network.

Hospital Without Walls Parkinson Therapy Program was created in conjunction with National Parkinson Foundation guidelines for our certified Physical Therapy team.

The Program is designed to improve patient’s functional abilities within the disease process.  

Under the Supervision of your Neurologist or Primary Care Physician, our dedicated Nursing and Therapy (Physical/Occupational/Speech) staff all work to improve Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s).

Some examples Include:

  1. 1. Strength 
  2. 2. Balance
  3. 3. Fitness 
  4. 4. Speech
  5. 5. Medication Management

Anything you need; we can provide or arrange for you or your loved one. We provide the patient with a better lifestyle.

For more information about Hospital Without Walls Parkinson’s Therapy Program, click here, or call us toll free at 877-279-2064.